Screening Tools

Parents often get stuck filling out a lot of forms when they go to their pediatrician.

Insurance forms, HIPAA forms, and forms confirming that their address and phone number are correct, etc.

The last thing you probably want to do is fill out more forms, but there are some – our screening tools – that can help identify if your child or teen is at risk for a wide variety of issues.

Lake Ray Hubbard Pediatrics Screening Tools

While we often use these screening tests in the office, you can print and fill them out at home, bringing them to your appointment.

Opting Out of Screening

Since research has shown that using these screening tools leads to early diagnosis and hopefully quick help, whether we are talking about the MCHAT-R, PHQ-9, or Edinburgh Postpartum depression survey, it should be easy to see that there is no good reason to opt out of screening.

“The EPDS is an efficient way to identify patients at risk for perinatal depression and to support follow-up and treatment to reduce risks to mothers and children.”

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, EPDS Quick Tips

Most importantly, understand that taking a screening test, which is confidential, will not actually cause the condition for which you are being screened!

Of course, you can always opt out of screening if you like.

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