Reporting Lab Results Policy Statement

The providers at Lake Ray Hubbard Pediatrics recognize the importance of prompt review and communication of all test results to ensure accurate diagnoses, effective attention and treatment, and optimal patient care.

It is our policy that all test results will be communicated to the ordering provider, or an alternate provider if the ordering provider is unavailable, within a period of time that allows prompt clinical action to be taken. The ordering provider will then communicate all test results, including normal results, to patients within specified time frames to ensure patients are active participants in their healthcare. This policy applies to all types of test results, such as laboratory, cardiology, radiology, and other diagnostic tests.

In general, patients will be called about critical tests and critical test results ASAP and usually within a few hours of our receiving the results.

We will notify patients with other normal and abnormal results within two to three business days.

Keep in mind that you might see these results sooner in your patient portal, but you shouldn’t be concerned about anything marked abnormal until you talk to us.

For one thing, when you do screening tests, many things are marked as abnormal by the laboratory, when in fact, they are normal or are not of any consequence.

For example:

  • There are many results like “MCHC” and “MCV” that may show abnormal but are not clinically important. There are other results, like “ANA” that are really challenging to interpret and require reviewing other results and other information from your chart.
  • An xray for scoliosis might show a curve of 5 degrees, which might concern you if you didn’t know that it can be normal to have curves up to 10 degrees.
  • Allergy tests might show a level of 1 or 2 and still be normal.

If you think seeing your results might make you anxious, wait until we contact you before you look at them.

If your results are normal, we will send you a message on the portal (sign up!). If the results are abnormal, require follow-up or additional information, we will reach out to you by phone (make sure your phone numbers are current).

And rest assured that significantly abnormal results, especially anything that is critical, are communicated to our office via phone from the lab, and as soon as we are aware, we will reach out to you.