It’s frustrating when kids don’t eat what we give them…

It is also frustrating when your child is overweight and you can’t seem to control what they are eating.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and resources to help you deal with whatever your kids throw at you, even if they are literally throwing some of their meals back at you.

Some basic tips:

  • offer much more variety at an early age
  • eat much less fast food
  • don’t get tied up on thinking your child needs to eat a balanced diet every single day – as long as it balances out over a week or so, you are fine
  • learn about portion control – many kids eat too much
  • don’t worry so much about your picky eater

Most importantly, no distractions at mealtimes.

Meals should be a fun time for the family. Come talk to us if they aren’t.

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