After Hours Care

With the rise of urgent care centers and after hours clinics, it can seem like an easy decision to get your seen any time they are sick, even when we aren’t open.

Those types of clinics are best reserved for the times that your child needs urgent or emergency care and not just because it is convenient.

“As its name implies, the ER is for emergencies only — when your child experiences a life-threatening illness or injury and can’t wait for a trip to the doctor’s office.

But what about walk-in health care centers, including the new breed of in-store clinics offered by major drugstore chains? Is it ever acceptable to go to a walk-in for relatively minor health complaints like earaches and sore throats?

Certainly, these clinics can be helpful, especially if you are away from home or an illness occurs after hours. But just like the ER, they don’t meet the definition of a medical home, and for the health of your child, you should think twice about using them routinely.”

A Medical Home Where Everybody Knows Your Name

In the long run, you may not save time seeing someone who doesn’t really know your child and isn’t a pediatrician.

And remember that you can always call our office for after hours advice.

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