Although ADHD may be over diagnosed in some circumstances, misinformation about ADHD still keeps a lot of kids from getting help.

Remember, kids with ADHD typically:

  • are easily distracted and have a short attention span, and/or
  • can be impulsive and hyperactive

They also have these symptoms in multiple places, like both at home and school, started having symptoms at an early age, and typically have other family members with similar problems.

And, most importantly, these ADHD symptoms are causing some kind of disability – like poor grades, trouble learning, getting in trouble, or social problems, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no simple blood test or xray that can diagnose ADHD. Instead, we use checklists to see if a child has the symptoms of ADHD, assess if other things could be causing those symptoms, and look at other aspects of your child’s history and physical exam to come up with a diagnosis and plan.

Do you think that your child has ADHD? Does your child’s school?

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