Rockwall ISD Reaches 400 Active COVID Cases

Kids in Rockwall ISD have been back in school for three weeks now, so what’s happening with our COVID cases?

Cases continue to go up in Rockwall ISD schools.
Cases continue to go up in Rockwall ISD schools.

Not surprisingly, they are going up…

Back to School COVID Update

And that’s because the Delta surge is far from over.

The Delta surge isn't over yet...
The Delta surge isn’t over yet…

And area vaccination rates are not very high…

Add in the fact that most schools still aren’t mandating masks or even quarantining exposed students and it should be no surprise that cases are still rising.

As of September 8:

  • the test positivity rate is back down to 0.18, off the recent highs of 0.25 last month, but still too high
  • Rockwall County has had an estimated 14,718 total cases, about 861 active cases, and 175 deaths (including 5 new deaths this past week and about 16 deaths during the Delta surge)
  • Garland ISD now has 47 active staff cases and 490 active student cases (going down!)
  • Rockwall ISD now has 64 active staff cases and 404 active student cases (going up!)
  • Wylie ISD already has 32 active staff cases and 183 active student cases
  • Royse City ISD already has 23 active staff cases and 161 active student cases
  • Caddo Mills ISD still has 11 active staff cases and 29 active student cases
  • at least six Rockwall County daycare centers have had active cases in the past two weeks among students or staff
  • hospital and ICU occupancy rates are back over 90 to 95%, which is dangerously high
  • a pop-up monoclonal antibody infusion center has opened in Rockwall that can be used to treat high risk children (who are at least 12 years old) and adults with high risk conditions who have recently gotten sick with COVID

And the predictions continue to be that we are at least two weeks away from any kind of peak…

What can you do to protect your family?

Encourage your kids to wear a mask in school, wear a mask when in public, and practice social distancing when possible, avoiding crowded situations.

And of course, you should get a COVID vaccine if you are eligible, which is everyone who is at least 12 years old who doesn’t have a contraindication.

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