Rockwall County COVID-19 Update

As most folks are realizing, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, even as many of us are getting vaccinated and protected.

The latest COVID case counts in Rockwall County.

So where are we now, four or five months after the last surge, when many people have seem to have forgotten about masks and social distancing?

The latest COVID case counts in Rockwall County.
The trend is clear – a sharp increase in positive COVID tests in Rockwall thanks to the Delta surge.

Unfortunately, thanks to the Delta variant and relatively low vaccination rates, COVID is back in Rockwall County.

As of August 8:

  • Rockwall County has had an estimated 12,523 recovered cases, about 479 active cases, and 159 deaths
  • Garland ISD already has 32 active staff cases and 221 active student cases (classes started on August 2…)
  • at least three Rockwall County daycare centers have active cases
  • hospital and ICU occupancy rates are back over 90 to 95%, which is dangerously high


No, it doesn’t mean that masks don’t work.

It mostly means that too many people either aren’t wearing masks, aren’t wearing masks properly, and/or aren’t practicing social distancing guidelines.

And it certainly doesn’t mean that vaccines don’t work! Only about 56% of people in Rockwall County are fully vaccinated!

Another problem?

The latest COVID case counts in Rockwall County.
Several area daycare centers had active cases recently. How many kids are in quarantine after these COVID exposures?

Many people don’t fully quarantine themselves for 14 days after they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or don’t fully isolate themselves after they have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Also, some people don’t get tested when they have mild COVID-19 symptoms, instead assuming that they have a cold or allergies.

Others get tested right after they have been exposed and assume they are in the clear if they are negative, ignoring the fact that the incubation period is 2-14 days after exposure, so they could still get sick later even with that initial negative test.

Rockwall County COVID-19 Update

With kids going back to school, I’m sure you don’t want to hear any of this…

But it is something you need to be aware of as you make plans, especially if anyone in your family is at high risk for severe COVID-19 complications, including older adults and people with certain underlying medical conditions.

We have seen what happens when people don’t adapt to the pandemic, continuing to go on their usual vacation trips, having large parties and group get-togethers, and not changing up their usual plans.

No, that doesn’t mean everyone has to live in a bubble, but it does mean that you can make changes to keep your family safe and healthy and try to avoid getting sick.

Get vaccinated!

And wear a mask and practice social distancing until this surge is over.

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